Congratulations C/0 2020-Messages and Posts

We cannot express enough of how proud we are of our Inglewood High School 2020 graduates.  Below is a link to a drop box on congratulatory messages sent to from various members of our staff.  Here are a few well wishes from our I.H.S. staff:
From Mrs. Muhammad
To the Class of 2020... This has been an unfortunate end to what should have been a great school year. I was looking forward to celebrating all of your senior activities with you and being there as you dressed in your cap and gown at graduation. Many of you started your high school journey as a student in my English or Drama class which gave me a front row seat to witness you all grow into these amazing young men and women you are today. As you go on to your respective colleges, universities or jobs know that Inglewood High School will always be home; a place you can return to for the love and support you need. Take everything you have learned: academics and life lessons with you. Apply that knowledge and those skills you have acquired to your next stage in this thing called life (had to include a Prince reference) ; ) .I pray I was able to give half of what is needed for you to spread your wings and soar.   May your footsteps always be guided by the Almighty. Go forth and make us all proud!! Congratulations, Sentinels!!!! 
Love Always,
Mrs. Muhammad
From Ms. Cardenas
Congratulations class of 2020. You made it through a very challenging time, and still you managed to be organized to pull it together! Each and every one of you has the skills, and capabilities to do great things for our world because the TIME is NOW!!! We need you to take the "Bull by its Horns"  and make your tomorrow the best; your future depends on it!  I share the above quote to emphasize that the TIME is now to do great things for this world!! We need the class of 2020 to THRIVE....The best of luck to all of you, you deserve nothing less than the BEST.-Ms. Cardenas