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Our mission is to nurture, educate, and graduate students who are self-responsible and self-disciplined; who are critical and creative thinkers; who master the core academic disciplines; and who are advocates for equity and social justice for self and their community

Principal's Message

Inglewood High School – “Home of the Sentinels”
Welcome to Inglewood High School.  As we enter the 2020-2021 school year it is my goal to ensure that each of you has a successful school year.  After reviewing the student achievement data, it is obvious that each of you continue to focus on the growth of your academic performance and educational standards.   I commend you for your hard work and commitment.  The Inglewood High School staff is dedicated in supporting you every step of the way on this journey called “high School”.
Partnering with families will be crucial this year as we face many obstacles due to the global pandemic.   With the educational expectations mandated by the State of California due to COVID 19 (addressing distance /hybrid learning) – families and schools working together is crucial.   We are here to support you with students at home to continue the Continuity of Learning and Attendance; and practicing safety protocols such as washing hands regularly, wearing a mask and social distancing.  We encourage families to stay connected and informed by following our district and school websites for important updates and information throughout the school year.
Our school staff is committed to participating in professional development opportunity in order to best service our students/families and the learning environment.
As we welcome the new school year - the Inglewood Unified School District Guiding Principles’ are as follows:
·       Ensuring access and equity to high quality instruction to all students.
·       Ensuring the health, safety and social emotional well-being of students and staff.
·       Ensuring that all stakeholders are actively engaged in the development of our IUSD comprehensive school reopening plan.
Our school doors are always open whether in person, telephone, emails and virtual to address our family’s needs and concerns.  Our contact information is located on our website.
 “Together We Are Strong” Thank you for your continued support of our school.


IUSD Parents Complete the Alternate Income Form Now! Featured Photo

IUSD Parents Complete the Alternate Income Form Now!

Dear Parents and School Communities,

Thank you for helping to get the 2022-2023 school year off to a great start! We truly appreciate your support of your students and our schools.


Under the new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), a portion of state funding will be determined based on the demographics of student population, with higher funding on a per student basis for districts like Inglewood that have large concentrations of low-income, English Language Learner and foster student populations. Therefore, we are required to establish and confirm the number of students that represent these categories by having families complete the official LCFF form.


Our goal is to ensure that Inglewood’s students receive the maximum amount of funds that we are eligible to receive by encouraging our schools to complete the LCFF form. To receive the maximum amount, we must have 100% of eligible students/families complete the form.

By completing the form and turning it in as soon as possible, you will help our schools reach the above stated goal and greatly contribute to enabling us to better serve our students.

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