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Mission and Vision Statement



The mission of Inglewood High School is to ensure that all students are taught rigorous standards based curriculum supported by highly qualified staff in an exemplary educational system characterized by high student achievement, social development, safe schools, and effective partnerships with all segments of the community.



The vision of Inglewood High School is to provide a learning environment that empowers all students to acquire the academic and social skills needed to become productive citizens and lifelong learners in a global economy.



Students who graduate from Inglewood High School will be:

  • SELF-DIRECTED LEARNERS, who are able to demonstrate self-motivation, self- discipline and responsibility to accomplish achievable goals. Inglewood High School Sentinels will be empowered to achieve personal growth while striving for academic excellence. They will be proficient in the 21st century skills and productive lifelong learners.
  • EFFECTIVE GLOBAL COMMUNICATORS, who speak and write for a variety of audiences and purposes. They develop the ability to positively and productively communicate with other members of society and the workplace.
  • PRODUCTIVE AND COLLABORATIVE WORKERS, who take pride in participating equitably and successfully in group projects
  • TECHNOLOGY PRODUCERS AND CONSUMERS, who acknowledge the rapid advancement of technology and social media. Inglewood High School Sentinels will learn to appropriately use technology in the classroom and the community at large. They can access and evaluate information. They are proficient producers and user of technology.

  • CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS OF SOCIETY, who understand, accept and respect the value of all people and diverse viewpoints, beliefs and cultures. Inglewood High School Sentinels are literate in the field of historical, political, economic, environmental, social, scientific and artistic realms. They are able to make informed, responsible decisions to benefit the community at large.